Services for Your Seasonal Needs

Your sprinkler system runs at times that are most likely not observable to you. At Problem Solved Services, we thoroughly inspect and properly winterize your system to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency.

Our company offers the maintenance services listed below.

Commercial Property Winterization 2014

These services include setting your controller for the season and checking the battery. Our team assists in the adjustment of sprinkler heads and clearing of clogged nozzles. In the spring, we reconnect backflow prevention devices if applicable. We also identify any damages, malfunctioning components, and recommend modifications. Problem Solved services will provide an estimate for approval.

Through this service, we turn off the valve to the irrigation system. If applicable, we unplug pumps and disconnect backflow devices and fertilizer injectors. Winterization also drains down hose bibs that may be connected to the system. Our team uses an air compressor to maintain the integrity of the system and prevent freeze damage. 

We check your timer for the proper settings, including current, turn-on and turn-off time, and photocell for functionality. Our team also adjusts your lights if necessary and wipes lenses in-ground applications.

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