Complete Solutions for All Your Irrigation System Needs

Problem Solved Services in Leesburg/Reston, VA is committed to providing our residential and commercial clients with quality services for their irrigation systems. With our knowledge and experience, we will be able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Matt with a remote controller adjusting sprinkler

To ensure that your sprinkler systems are working efficiently, we offer exceptional inspection services. We will also explain how a controller and/or transformer is used and answer additional questions you may have about the systems in place. Our inspection will also help you identify problems that may require repairs or replacements, and we will provide you with on-site estimates.

Through this service, our team of professionals helps you with the following:

  • Set Controllers for the Season
  • Reconnect of Backflow Prevention Devices
  • Adjust Sprinkler Heads
  • Inspect Rain Sensors
  • Clear Clogged Nozzles
  • Check the Controller Battery
  • Repair Damaged or Malfunctioning Components (If needed. Additional charges may apply.)

We use an air compressor when required to maintain the integrity of your irrigation system and prevent freeze damage. This service also includes the following:

  • Turning off the valve to the irrigation system or other outside components
  • Disconnecting backflow prevention devices
  • Unplugging pumps or disconnecting fertilizer injectors
  • Draining down hose bibs connected to the system

Rain sensors are used to turn off irrigation systems when it is raining and keep your sprinklers off while the sensor is still wet. The sensors can be adjusted to how fast you want it to turn off the system on most models. If you recently had a home renovation or if your rain sensor is already old, you can rely on us to offer replacements for your system.

There are two styles of rain sensors—the wired and wireless. Wired rain sensors would run directly into the controller or to the system. On the other hand, the wireless ones are used in areas where you can’t run a wire due to accessibility or visual appearance.

Over time, you might expand or change your landscaping that requires additional zones that your current controller cannot handle. At Problem Solved Services, we can replace your controller with the ones that meet your specific needs.

Depending on what you require, our team updates controllers with features that older models may not have. Controllers with electrical issues or those that just stopped functioning may be replaced with the same (if available) or current model.

Sprinkler systems can be damaged due to other services, such as aeration, lawn mowing, and design landscaping plan changes, being completed at your home. In the same way, sprinkler heads can be accidentally damaged by vehicles, lawn mowers, and plows.

Our professionals provide repair services that can address issues and get your system up and running to its full potential. We can also modify the irrigation system according to your landscape design changes.

Repairing Irrigaion Connection
new Back flow installed

Our team helps in marking your sprinkler heads and valve boxes for aeration and other construction services. This prevents accidental damages to your irrigation systems from happening.

We take care of backflow testing according to mandated inspections by the Loudon County and Leesburg regulations. For your convenience, our team will make sure that all paperwork is done correctly. It’s recommended to get your backflow tested at the beginning of the season to ensure your system is working properly.