FAQs About Our Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Services

Since 2011, Problem Solved Services in Leesburg, VA has been providing services to meet our clients’ irrigation and landscape lighting needs. To ensure that you understand our policies and processes, we provide you with important information about our services.


Yes. A well-designed system will ensure the right amount of water is delivered to your lawn and landscape. We custom design your zones to make sure that all areas of your property are well watered.

Our team will help you in programming the controller, give you suggestions on watering, and show you how to adjust the controller according to the weather condition in your area.

Yes, since you will not be spending your time dragging hoses around. Our systems will automatically schedule the watering for you, even when you’re not at home or sleeping. We design them to run overnight and finish the cycle before you wake up for the day.

During times of drought, our systems can easily be set to comply with any water restrictions imposed by your county or city.

This depends on your current water usage. We have designed a custom watering schedule that will maximize your water usage while preventing runoff and wasted water due to evaporation. All our systems include rain sensors that will prevent your irrigation devices from operating when it rains.

When you make changes to your landscape, you may need to modify your irrigation system. Our services include marking heads for aeration, setting the controller for daylight savings, checking the rain sensors, and replacing batteries, if necessary.

We recommend seasonal options spring/summer/fall checkups and winterizations. Annually, you will need to winterize your system to protect it from freeze damage.

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